Proofreading Jobs

Searching for proofreading jobs can be a time consuming and daunting task when navigating through the variety of job titles along with the testing required by some companies. The search can prove confusing since some companies refer to proofreading as copy editing. Proofreading is the task of reviewing material prior to the final publication.

In addition to reviewing punctuation, verbiage and spelling, a proofreader has to insure that the document maintains the proper style. In addition to familiarity with the correct usage of the English language, a person desiring proofreading jobs needs to be familiar with the various writing styles.

Three of the six most commonly accepted styles are Associated Press (AP), Modern Language Association (MLA) and Chicago/Turabian. Three other accepted styles are Harvard, Columbia Guide to Online Style and Council of Biology Editors. A proofreader should have the capacity to know the nuances of each of the styles.

Numerous companies and online sites providing proofreading services are offering proofreading jobs to individuals that can professionally review material and properly utilize proofreading marks in their work. Proofreading jobs are also listed as Communications Manager, Incentives Analyst and Proposal Writer which further complicates the search process. If a pure proofreading assignment that is restricted to a review of written material is desired, focus the search on publishers and online services.

For work-at-home proofreading jobs, a proof reader has a wide variety of options. WordsRU, ProofreadNOW and Edit911 seek applicants that have anywhere from two years’ experience to a PhD. Proofreading positions are also available online for applicants that do not have a college degree at sites like Suite101, SunOasis and Textbroker. Registration or online applications are available at each of these sites. Proofreaders are required to take tests to verify their proficiency at proofreading.

Professionals seeking freelance work online should apply at several sites until they have been accepted by sufficient companies to provide the amount of work that one desires. Companies with stringent hiring practices can sometimes take a substantial amount of time before accepting a candidate. Patience and persistence are traits that are needed to successfully find the desired work.

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