There is no excuse for poor grammar when proofreading experts are available to help. Misspelled words and punctuation errors can quickly cause a bad impression that lingers in the minds of consumers. Such errors are often missed by spell checking software. Only a proper proofreader can identify and correct every type of written mistake.



The availability of proofreading services on the web is vast, but not all are equal. It is easy to find individuals claiming to be proofreaders, but many are self-taught, and not always sharp at catching mistakes. Even people who are not native English speakers can pass themselves off as proofreaders. Verifying the proofreader’s educational background can be useful, though still not a guarantee of proofreading ability.

A proofreading professional will be able to consistently, and with great accuracy, spot misspellings, grammatical errors and punctuation mistakes. Proofreaders know how to place proper proofreading marks on a written piece to assist in the editing process. They will sometimes suggest better phrasing, superior word choices, or otherwise prepare written pieces for final publication.

The Internet makes available multiple proofing services, and the selection varies as much by price as it does by qualification. A website that allows anyone to call themselves a proofreader without any sort of verification will likely not stand behind the services it promotes. On the other hand, a company that provide proofreading jobs only to highly-qualified individuals is more likely to care about its reputation, and to maintain a quality stable of experienced proofreaders.

Spell checking software may be the norm for web developers and other copywriters, but it is common knowledge that spellcheckers often slip-up. They can miss properly spelled words that are used improperly, and even make incorrect suggestions for words like “your” and “you’re,” or “it’s” and “its;” errors that might easily pass a software filter, but would be instantly caught by a proofreading specialist.

Proofreading software programs are useful in that they can find quite a few proofreading problems, but spellchecker is not a substitute for a human proofreader. Only a professional proofreading service can guarantee pristine written copy that is error free.

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